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Renewable Energy Systems for Building Designers: Fundamentals of Net Zero and High Performance Design

Gerring, Dorothy
Renewable Energy Systems for Building Designers presents a comprehensive introduction to the latest resources and technologies used in high performance and net zero energy buildings, with a practical focus on the design and integration of these systems.
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Emilio Ambasz: Curating a New Nature

Bergdoll, Barry
A timely re-evaluation and synthesis of this trailblazing, ecologically minded, and vibrantly interdisciplinary figure of contemporary design, authored by architectural luminary Barry Bergdoll.
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Houses That Can Save the World

Smith, Courtenay
An inspirational sourcebook of innovative and unexpected green design solutions for our homes that address the environmental and social issues facing our world today.
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Building With a Positive Footprint

Van Der Meulen, Vincent
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Still Standing: The Ti Kais of Dominica

Heron, Adom Philogene
Still Standing tells the story of the traditional wooden homes (known as ti kai) of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean. This gorgeously illustrated book pays tribute to these humble buildings that have withstood natural and manmade disasters.
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Circular Communities

Smit, Mo
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Wiener Hitze: Architecture and Storytelling in Times of Heat

Condak, Christina
An illustrated reader on experimental approaches in architecture and urban design to enable good urban coexistence in a rapidly warming climate. Text in English and German.
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Reconstructing the Future: Cities as Carbon Sinks

Bauhaus Earth
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