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Eco House Manual: A guide to making environmentally friendly improve

Griffiths, Nigel
NEW IN PAPERBACK. This manual covers every aspect of domestic renovation from heating and electrical systems through to building materials and outdoor space.
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Geothermal Energy, Heat Exchange Systems and Energy Piles

Craig, William
Geothermal Energy, Heat Exchange Systems and Energy Piles provides broad international coverage of the latest research in this emerging area. Edited by leading experts it provides an ideal overview for engineers and researchers.
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Energy: Management, Supply and Conservation

Beggs, Clive
Deals with the theory and practice of the supply of energy, energy management and auditing, and the design of sustainable energy facilities. This work considers the systems needed to create low-energy, sustainable buildings, including passive solar design, energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning, and combined heat and power.
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Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum: How Humans Took Control of Climate

Ruddiman, William F.
The impact on climate from 200 years of industrial development is an everyday fact of life, but did humankind's active involvement in climate change really begin with the industrial revolution, as commonly believed? Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum has sparked lively scientific debate since it was first published--arguing that humans have actually bee
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Vitamin Green

Phaidon Editors
An up-to-the-minute survey of the best sustainable design and architecture.
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Sustainable Compromises: A Yurt, a Straw Bale House, and Ecological Living

Boye A
When the author first lived in sustainable housing, he was young, idealistic, and not much susceptible to compromise - until rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, and loneliness drove him out of the utilities-free yurt he'd built in New Mexico. This book chronicles these two remarkable attempts to live simply in two disparate American eras.
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New Treehouses Of The World

Nelson, Pete
From the author's fateful year-long sabbatical in Spain, where he decided to make treehouses his sole enterprise, to the founding of Treehouse Point near Seattle, this book documents the beginnings of this new journey. It also features an illustrated record of his travels, discoveries and epiphanies.
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Design Like You Give a Damn [2]: Building Change from the Ground Up

Architecture for Humanity: Sinclair
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Net Zero Energy Building: Predicted and Unintended Consequences

Hu, Ming (University of Maryland, USA)
Drawing on examples from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, and China, this is the first book to present an overview of variations in 'net zero' building practices, comparing their intended and unintended consequences.
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Sustainable Construction Materials: Recycled Spent Garnet

Muttashar Alzuabidi, Habeeb Lateef
Rapid industrial growth has witnessed the ever-increasing utilization of sand from rivers for various construction purposes, which caused an exploitation of rivers' beds and disturbed the ecosystem. This book presents an investigation into the capacity of spent garnet (silicate minerals) as sand replacement as a sustainable construction material.
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