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Towards Territorial Transition: A plea to large scale decarbonizing

Armengaud, Matthias
Introduces new strategies, concepts, and approaches in architecture and urban design for fundamental changes towards decarbonisation and ecological turnaround.
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The Re-use Atlas: A Designer's Guide Towards a Circular Economy

Baker-Brown, Duncan
Through 24 inspirational case studies, interviews and essays, this book is an accessible and practical guide to how architects can move from a linear economy towards a circular economy.
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Materials: An environmental primer

Hartman, Hattie
This reference book will help designers understand the environmental repercussions of their material choices. Each chapter will be devoted to a single material and written by a subject expert.
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Climate Emergency Conservation Area Toolkit

Christopher Procter
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Eco-Design of Buildings and Infrastructure: Developments in the Period 2016-2020

Peuportier, Bruno
This book reviews the second five-year sequence of the The Chair Eco-design of buildings and infrastructure. It is intended for urban planners, local authorities, building owners, architects, design offices, companies, building managers, teacher-researchers and anyone interested in the environmental quality of our living spaces.
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Community Energy: A guide to community-based renewable-energy projects

Cowtan, Gordon
A comprehensive book that provides information and guidance for anyone interested in setting up and running a community energy project.
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Mass is More: The Barcelona Experiment

Organschi, Alan
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