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Tall Buildings

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Construction Technology For Tall Buildings (4th Edition)

Yit Lin Chew, Michael
Introduces the advanced construction practices and processes for tall buildings from foundation to roof. This title presents the methods, materials, equipment and systems used for the construction of tall buildings.
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Arup's Tall Buildings in Asia: Stories Behind the Storeys

Ho, Goman Wai-Ming
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Structural Analysis of Multi-Storey Buildings

Zalka, Karoly A. (xx)
"This book relies on creating continuum models for the structural analysis of multi-storey buildings and presents the theoretical background and the governing differential equations (for researchers) and simple closed-form solutions (for practicing structural engineers)"--
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Best Tall Buildings: A Global Overview of 2016 Skyscrapers

Wood, A
The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is the primary clearinghouse for data in the field of tall buildings, and the tremendous resources they put to work ensure that this is more than just an awards book and becomes more a comprehensive survey of the activity in skyscrapers the world over each year.
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eVolo Skyscrapers 2: 150 New Projects Redefine Building High

Aiello, Carlo
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Fire Safety Design for Tall Buildings

Fu, Feng
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Tall Building Foundation Design

Poulos, Harry G.
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The Environmental Performance of Tall Buildings

Goncalves J C
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Tall and Super Tall Buildings

Tamboli A
Provides the technical development and special design features used for the latest tall and super tall buildings worldwide-written by the original building planners and designers
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