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Beyond Sustainable: Architecture's Evolving Environments of Habitation

Ludwig, Ryan (University of Cincinnati,
Beyond Sustainable discusses the relationship between human evolution and the constructed environments of habitation we create living in the Anthropocene, an increasingly volatile and unpredictable landscape of certain change.
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Biophilic Urbanism: Designing Resilient Communities for the Future

Tabb, Phillip James (Texas A&M Universit
Biophilic Urbanism provides readers with the tools to create more nature-based urban environments that are climate positive, sustainable, and healthy.
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Analysing Architecture: The universal language of place-making

Unwin, Simon (University of Dundee, UK)
Now in its fifth edition, Analysing Architecture has become internationally established as the best introduction to architecture. Aimed primarily at those studying architecture, it offers a clear and accessible insight into the workings of this rich and fascinating subject.
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Public Places Urban Spaces: The Dimensions of Urban Design

Carmona, Matthew (The Bartlett School of
This extensively updated and revised third edition of Public Places Urban Spaces provides a comprehensive overview of the principles, theory, and practices of urban design for those new to the subject and for those requiring a clear and systematic guide.
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Homelessness and the Built Environment: Designing for Unhoused Persons

Pable, Jill (Florida State University, U
Homelessness and the Built Environment provides a practical introduction to the effective physical design of homes and other facilities that assist unhoused persons in countries identified as middle to high-income.
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Living Construction

Robertson, M Dade-
This book, the first in the Bio Design series, acts as a bridge between design speculation and scientific reality, and between contemporary design thinking, in areas such as architecture, product design and fashion design, and the traditional engineering approaches which currently dominate bio technologies.
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Learning from Failure in the Design Process: Experimenting with Materials

Huang, Lisa (University of Florida, Gain
Learning from Failure in the Design Process shows you that design work builds on lessons learned from failures to help you relax your fear of making mistakes, so that you're not paralysed when faced with a task outside of your comfort zone.
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Design-Build: Integrating Craft, Service, and Research through Applied Academic and Practice Models

Winterbottom, Daniel
Design-Build provides everything you need to know about how to embark on a design-build project within a studio or professional practice setting.
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