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Digital Fabrication in Interior Design: Body, Object, Enclosure

Anderson, Jonathan
Digital Fabrication in Interior Design: Body, Object, Enclosure draws together emerging topics of making that span primary forms of craftsmanship to digital fabrication in order to theoretically and practically analyze the innovative and interdisciplinary relationship between digital fabrication technology and interior design.
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Philosophical Difference and Advanced Computation in Architectural Theory: From Less to More

Ellinger, Jefferson (University of North
This book presents a new take on the evolution of digital design theories in architecture from modernity to today, as they have been inspired both by contemporary philosophy and the emergence and access to advanced computation.
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Building Paradise: Episodes in Paradisiacal Thinking

Mallgrave, Harry Francis
A sweeping historical study, Building Paradise, seeks to construct a garden ethic for the design arts. It is an ethic predicated on the idea that-with our recent ecological and biological insights-we can build more intelligently and more creatively than the status quo of current design practices.
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Minoru Yamasaki and the Fragility of Architecture

Yamasaki , M : Kidder, Paul
Beautifully illustrated with over 100 colour illustrations of Yamasaki's buildings, this book will be of interest to students, academics and professionals in a range of disciplines, including architectural history, architectural theory, architectural preservation, and urban design and planning.
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Cities After Crisis: Reinventing Neighborhood Design from the Ground-Up

Vazquez, Carlos Garcia
Cities After Crisis shows how urbanism and urban design is redefining cities after the global health, economic, and environmental crises of the past decades.
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Outdoor Lighting for Pedestrians: A Guide for Safe and Walkable Places

Markowitz, Frank
Outdoor Lighting for Pedestrians shows how outdoor lighting is important for pedestrians' safety, personal security, and comfort, with major impacts on street, path, and park aesthetics and neighborhood sense of place.
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Why Cities Need Large Parks: Large Parks in Large Cities

Murray, Richard
The large parks and green infrastructure presented here illustrate the diverse uses and many benefits of large urban parks across 30 major cities. This book will help park managers, NGOs, landscape architects, and city planners to develop the green city of the future.
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Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities and Societies

Neuman, Michael
Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities and Societies shows how fundamental planning, design, finance, and governance principles can be adapted for sustainable infrastructure to provide solutions to make cities significantly more sustainable.
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