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Doors: History, Repair and Conservation

Tutton, Michael
In Doors: History, Repair and Conservation, readers are guided through the function, history, development, care, repair and conservation of doors by chapter authors who are experts in their field.
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LEED Lab: A Model for Sustainable Design Education

Andrasik, Patricia (Catholic University
Lab: A Model for Sustainable Design Education was written to accompany LEED Lab, an international interdisciplinary collegiate laboratory course which uitlizes campus buildings as demonstration sites to facilitate existing building green certification.
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The Constructed Other: Japanese Architecture in the Western Mind

Nute, Kevin
This book argues that a widespread assumption of the inherent otherness of Japanese architecture made it not only a test of the universality of Western architectural theories but also a seemingly endless source of inspiration. It is of value to anyone interested in architectural history, Japanese architecture or cultural theory.
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Futureproof City: Ten Immediate Paths to Urban Resilience

Wilson, Barry D.
The Futureproof City creates adaptability and resiliency in the face of the unknown challenges resulting from technological change, population explosion, global pandemic, and environmental crisis.
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Mapping Urban Spaces: Designing the European City

Amistadi, Lamberto
Mapping Urban Spaces illustrates how the characteristics that make life in medium-sized European cities pleasant and sustainable-accessibility, ease of travel, urban sustainability, social inclusiveness-can be traced back to the nature of that space.
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Shaping Neighbourhoods: For Local Health and Global Sustainability

Barton, Hugh
Shaping Neighbourhoods is unique in combining all aspects of the spatial planning of neighbourhoods and towns whilst emphasizing positive outcomes for people's health and global sustainability. This new edition retains the combination of radicalism, evidence-based advice and pragmatism that made earlier editions so popular.
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Landscapes of Housing: Design and Planning in the History of Environmental Thought

Haffner, Jeanne (Dumbarton Oaks, USA)
Landscapes of Housing examines current trends of environmental remediation in the built environment from a historical perspective, arguing for a more considered environmental vision that includes the organic, social, and cultural dimensions of landscape.
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The Climate Planner: Overcoming Pushback Against Local Mitigation and Adaptation Plans

King, Jason
The Climate Planner is about overcoming the objections to climate change mitigation and adaption that planners face at a local level.
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