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Transport Hubs

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Txl. Berlin Tegel Airport

Tietz, Jurgen
The first and definitive building monograph on Berlin's iconic Tegel Airport, showing this listed architectural monument in its original appearance and its present state, richly illustrated with previously unpublished photos and historical drawings from the architects' archive. Text in English and German.
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London's Underground: The Story of the Tube

Green, Oliver
Published in conjunction with TFL, this is a comprehensive guide to the London Underground, combining a historical overview, illustrations and newly commissioned photography.
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Railway Station

Parkstone Press
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Railways: A History in Drawings

Valkoinen, Christopher
A compendium of magnificent engineering drawings that gives a unique overview of the history of the railways in Britain.
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London's Great Railway Stations

Green, Oliver
A lavish photographic history of all the key railway stations of London for transport buffs and anyone interested in the rich history of London.
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London's Historic Railway Terminal Stations: An Illustrated History

Geoff, Swaine,
Good pictorial coverage, Interesting text, Informative captions, Useful to Modellers
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Erlanger, Olivia (Independent Artist)
A secret history of the garage as a space of creativity, from its invention by Frank Lloyd Wright to its use by start-ups and garage bands.
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The Modern Airport Terminal: New Approaches to Airport Architecture

Edwards, Brian ~~~~
A guide to the planning and design of airport terminals and their facilities. It covers various types of airport terminal found around the world, and highlights the environmental and technical issues that the designer has to address. Contemporary examples are reviewed through a series of case studies.
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British Rail Designed 1948-1997

Lawrence , D
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