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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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The Bird-Friendly City: Creating Safe Urban Habitats

Beatley, Timothy
A global tour of cities that are implementing creative and functional ideas to protect urban birds.
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Post-pandemic Urbanism

Kleilein, Doris
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Residensity: A Carbon Analysis of Residential Typologies

Smith & Gill
RESIDENSITY: A Carbon Analysis of Residential Typologies is the culmination of a seven-year study analysing nine building typologies to understand the relationships between building densities and the amount of land and infrastructure required to support them.
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Healthy Cities?: Design for Well-being

Townshend, Tim
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Citymakers 2: A new urban model: Learning from Msheireb

Daniel Elsea
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Citymakers 3: Pragmatics of the Picturesque: Strategies for the contemporary city

Daniel Elsea
Antiquated and irrelevant or practical design tool? A visual indulgence and purely theoretical construct or does perhaps the Picturesque hold some clues to reconciling technical, economic and environmental imperatives with the need to design places for people?
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Urban Design Made by Humans: A Handbook of Design Ideas

Plowright, Philip D.
Urban Design Made by Humans is a reference and companion book for introducing people to the foundational concepts used in urban design. It presents fundamental ideas that have developed through humans engaging our world and each other.
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Resilient Building Retrofits: Combating the Climate Crisis

Sayce, Sarah (University of Kingston, UK
This radical book aims to inject new insight and urgency into the discourse on the retrofitting of commercial and residential buildings in the face of the climate emergency. It is about the why, how and who should take the lead in revolutionising buildings in the face of serious climate and social change.
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Gentrification Is Inevitable and Other Lies

Kern, Leslie
How Gentrification is killing our cities, and what we can do about it.
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