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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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A History of Council Housing in 100 Estates

Boughton, John
In this highly-illustrated survey, John Boughton, author of Municipal Dreams, examines the remarkable history of social housing in the UK.
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Urban Commons Handbook

Urban Commons Research Collective
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Housing for Hope and Wellbeing

Samuel, Flora (University of Reading, UK
The book focuses on the UK housing scene but draws on and provides lessons for housing cultures across the globe. Illustrated throughout with case studies, this is the go-to book for anyone who wants to look at housing in a holistic way.
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Urbanism Beyond 2020: Reflections During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bharne, Vinayak
Urbanism Beyond 2020 explores numerous questions triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic as relates to urban planning and design.
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Residensity: A Carbon Analysis of Residential Typologies

Smith & Gill
RESIDENSITY: A Carbon Analysis of Residential Typologies is the culmination of a seven-year study analysing nine building typologies to understand the relationships between building densities and the amount of land and infrastructure required to support them.
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Why Face-to-Face Still Matters: The Persistent Power of Cities in the Post-Pandemic Era

Reades, Jonathan (King's College London)
Why do businesses still value urban life over the suburbs or countryside? This accessible book makes the case for Face-to-Face contact, still considered crucial to many 21st century economies, and provides tools for thinking about the future of places from market towns to World Cities.
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Survival of the City: Living and Thriving in an Age of Isolation

Glaeser, Edward
Survival of the City is an essential guide to the past and future of our cities
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Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning 6: The Right to the City

Silver, Christopher (University of Flori
Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning Volume 6 is a selection of some of the best scholarship in urban and regional planning from around the world.
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Collected Volumes

Allford, Simon
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