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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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House in the Country: Where Our Suburbs and Garden Cities Came From and Why it's Time to Leave Them Behind

Matthews, Simon
For nearly 150 years living in a house in the country has been what many of us aspire to. This book explores how this idea was imported from the US by Ebenezer Howard, founder of the garden city movement, the impact it has had in the UK and why, on cost and environmental grounds, it's time to move on from this approach....
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Green Obsession: Trees Towards Cities, Humans Towards Forests

Boeri, Stefano
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New Industrial Urbanism: Designing Places for Production

Hatuka, Tali
New Industrial Urbanism explores the evolving and future relationships between cities and places of production, focusing on the spatial implications and physical design of integrating contemporary manufacturing into the city.
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The Politics of Street Trees

Woudstra, Jan
This book focuses on the politics of street trees and the institutions, actors and processes that govern their planning, planting and maintenance, revealing a huge amount about the nature of modern life, social change and political conflict which is particularly important in the context of mounting environmental and societal challenges.
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Urban Oases - Dutch Hofjes As Hidden Architectural Gems

Floet, W. Wilms
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Minguet, Anna
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Designing Innovative Sustainable Neighborhoods

Friedman, Avi
This book covers the key principles of residential planning and offers principles for innovative and sustainable neighbourhood design. It is useful to students and practitioners of urban design, planning, and urban systems and architecture studios focused on sustainable residential development.
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Regional Bureaucracy

Guillermo Fernandez-Abascal E.a.
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Strategic Airport Planning

Brown, Mike (Imperial College London, UK
The aim of the book is to articulate a new approach to airport planning that better captures the complexities and velocity of change in our contemporary world. As a result, it will lead to higher performing airports for users, business partners, investors and other stakeholders.
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