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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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A Beginner's Guide to Urban Design and Development: The ABC of Quality, Sustainable Design

Alvarez, Laura B.
This book provides invaluable guidance to all those with an interest in placemaking and the built environment, from those with no experience to those who have worked for many years in industry, illustrating key principles that will secure higher quality, more sustainable design in accessible, jargon-free language.
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Hybrid Factory, Hybrid City

Rappaport, Nina
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Who's Next: Homelessness, Architecture and Cities

Talesnik, Daniel
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Lubetkin and Goldfinger: The Rise and Fall of British High-Rise Council Housing

Russell, Nicholas
Berthold Lubetkin and Ernoe Goldfinger were two leading architects who designed high-rise council housing after the Second World War; a type of building that now holds a poor reputation.
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Wild Spaces in Urban Development: Grassroots Imaginaries in a Globalising World

Deb, Amartya
This fascinating book examines how microsites of spontaneous nature can reframe our understanding of the relationship between urban development and green space. It offers a fresh perspective on issues around green infrastructure, heritage conservation and environmental education, enabling cities worldwide to become more nature-positive.
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Human Factors in Land Use Planning and Urban Design: Methods, Practical Guidance, and Applications

Stevens, Nicholas J.
At a simplistic level the issues found in both discipline areas are one and the same: the design of the environment brings about emergent behaviours that in some cases are not optimal.
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