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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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The Continuous City: Fourteen Essays on Architecture and Urbanisation

Lerup L
Offers fourteen previously unpublished essays by Lars Lerup, who ranks among the most significant teachers and researchers in the theory of urbanisation.
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Patchwork Iba Parkstad

Hermans, Maurice
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Critical City

Weiss, Kristoffer
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On Balance: Architecture and Vertigo

Deriu, Davide
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Home Truths

Ben Derbyshire
With half a century in practice as a housing architect, Ben Derbyshire has written an essential primer for anyone with aspirations to follow in his footsteps. An expression of tough love, according to one reviewer, the book draws on the past to set course for a sustainable future for the professions, their clients and society.
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Mapping Possibility: Finding Purpose and Hope in Community Planning

Sandercock, Leonie
This book traces the intellectual, professional and emotional life of Leonie Sandercock, one of the leading figures in community planning who has dedicated her life to pursuing social, cultural and environmental justice through her work.
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The Last Grand Tour: Contemporary Phenomena and Strategies of Living in Italy

Obrist, Michael
A visually attractive graphic and textual atlas that combines topics of architecture and urban design with current political and socio-economic questions to form a multi-perspective portrait of 21st-century Italy.
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