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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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Wild Spaces in Urban Development: Grassroots Imaginaries in a Globalising World

Deb, Amartya
This fascinating book examines how microsites of spontaneous nature can reframe our understanding of the relationship between urban development and green space. It offers a fresh perspective on issues around green infrastructure, heritage conservation and environmental education, enabling cities worldwide to become more nature-positive.
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Urban Greening Techniques: An Introduction

Tan, Chun Liang (National University Of
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The Cultural Infrastructure of Cities

Bain, Professor Alison L. (York Universi
This collection of essays offers a fresh perspective on infrastructure, inviting readers to (re)consider the ways that culture is produced and expressed within cities by examining the geographies of its spaces, venues, performances and embodiments.
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The Continuous City: Fourteen Essays on Architecture and Urbanisation

Lerup L
Offers fourteen previously unpublished essays by Lars Lerup, who ranks among the most significant teachers and researchers in the theory of urbanisation.
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Vacant Spaces NY

Meredith, Michael
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Sustainable Urban Regeneration: Insights and Evaluation from a UK Housing Association

Dean, Kevin
This book provides a deep insight into urban regeneration schemes and explores the parameters of what is deemed a sustainable development, before appraising existing schemes' evaluation models for the sustainable return on investment.
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Residensity: A Carbon Analysis of Residential Typologies

Smith & Gill
RESIDENSITY: A Carbon Analysis of Residential Typologies is the culmination of a seven-year study analysing nine building typologies to understand the relationships between building densities and the amount of land and infrastructure required to support them.
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Lin, John
The experiments in the book are a collection of design and build projects conducted from the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong over the past 10 years and represent a direct reflection of the incredible diversity of climates, locations, and conditions that underlie the ongoing Chinese urbanisation experiment.
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