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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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The Future City: Visionary Urban Design and Architecture

Griffiths, Alyn
A unique perspective on architecture and the future of urban planning, with over 40 radical visionary projects from the most prominent design agencies worldwide.
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Mobility Design: Shaping Future Mobility. Volume 1: Practice

Eckart E & Voeckler, Kai
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Patchwork Iba Parkstad

Hermans, Maurice
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Critical City

Weiss, Kristoffer
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Europan 16 Austria - Living Cities

Features the six winning proposals of the 2021 EUROPAN competition for the Austrian cities of Graz, Klagenfurt, and Linz that offer pioneering ideas for tackling climate change and balancing social, economic and cultural inequalities in cities.
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The Multiplex Typology: Living in Kuwait's Hybrid Homes

Alshalfan, Sharifa
The Multiplex Typology explores the unplanned hybrid typology that emerged in Kuwait in response to certain economic, sociocultural, and regulatory constraints.
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Emerging Global Cities: Origin, Structure, and Significance

Alejandro Portes
This book identifies the constellation of factors that allow certain urban places to become "emerging global cities"-centers of commerce, finance, art, and culture for entire regions. It traces the transformations of Dubai, Miami, and Singapore, identifying key features common to these cities.
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Resilient Building Retrofits: Combating the Climate Crisis

Sayce, Sarah (University of Kingston, UK
This radical book aims to inject new insight and urgency into the discourse on the retrofitting of commercial and residential buildings in the face of the climate emergency. It is about the why, how and who should take the lead in revolutionising buildings in the face of serious climate and social change.
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Temporary and Tactical Urbanism: (Re)Assembling Urban Space

Stevens, Quentin (RMIT University, Melbo
This book examines a key set of urban design strategies that have emerged in the twenty-first century. Such projects range from guerrilla gardens and bike lanes to more formalized temporary beaches and swimming pools, parklets, pop-up plazas and buildings, and container towns.
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