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Urban Design, Planning and Housing

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Caring for Place: Community Development in Rural England

Healey, Patsy (Newcastle University, UK)
This book draws on preeminent planning theorist Patsy Healey's personal experiences as a resident of a small rural town in England, to explore what place and community mean in a particular context, and how different initiatives struggle to get a stake in the wider governance relations while maintaining their own focus and ways of working.
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Urban Design Made by Humans: A Handbook of Design Ideas

Plowright, Philip D.
Urban Design Made by Humans is a reference and companion book for introducing people to the foundational concepts used in urban design. It presents fundamental ideas that have developed through humans engaging our world and each other.
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Resilient Building Retrofits: Combating the Climate Crisis

Sayce, Sarah (University of Kingston, UK
This radical book aims to inject new insight and urgency into the discourse on the retrofitting of commercial and residential buildings in the face of the climate emergency. It is about the why, how and who should take the lead in revolutionising buildings in the face of serious climate and social change.
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Temporary and Tactical Urbanism: (Re)Assembling Urban Space

Stevens, Quentin (RMIT University, Melbo
This book examines a key set of urban design strategies that have emerged in the twenty-first century. Such projects range from guerrilla gardens and bike lanes to more formalized temporary beaches and swimming pools, parklets, pop-up plazas and buildings, and container towns.
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Gentrification Is Inevitable and Other Lies

Kern, Leslie
How Gentrification is killing our cities, and what we can do about it.
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Emerging Global Cities: Origin, Structure, and Significance

Alejandro Portes
This book identifies the constellation of factors that allow certain urban places to become "emerging global cities"-centers of commerce, finance, art, and culture for entire regions. It traces the transformations of Dubai, Miami, and Singapore, identifying key features common to these cities.
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Looking for the Voids: Learning from Asia's Liminal Urban Spaces as a Foundation to Expand an Architectural Practice

Borio, Geraldine
A survey of 15 years of urban research by Hong Kong-based Swiss architect Geraldine Borio in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Seoul, offering concrete design principles derived from this fieldwork as assistance to researchers and urban designers in their own investigations and projects.
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Temples and Towns: The Form, Elements, and Principles of Planned Towns

Dennis, Michael
This book traces the historic evolution of urban form, principles, and design; it serves as a compendium, or reference, of city design; and is a polemic about the necessity for the recovery of the city and a contemporary urban architecture.
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European Planning History in the 20th Century: A Continent of Urban Planning

Welch Guerra, Max
This book searches for an understanding of the historiography of planning in a European dimension. Scholars from Eastern and Western, Southern and Northern Europe address the issues of the public led production of city and the social functions of urban planning in capitalist and state-socialist countries.
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