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World Architecture

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Raymond A
A history of Cairo, from its beginnings in the Arab conquest of Egypt in 640 to a modern capital. This book examines the invasions, changes and conflicts which shaped Cairo's destiny as well as the rulers, religious leaders, artisans and merchants who characterized the city.
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African Metropolis - An Imaginary City

Njami S
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Untold Stories: Hong Kong Architecture

Fung, Raymond
* Stories behind Hong Kong's famous architecture * Architecture of Asia's World City * Architecture: East meets West * Magnificence of Hong Kong Cityscape
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LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth: Architecture for Extreme Environments

LIQUIFER Systems Group
Conquering the extremes: LIQUIFER Systems Group, a design and research firm based in Vienna and Bremen, has been addressing the issue of human life on planet Earth and elsewhere in the universe for two decades. This is the first book to present the practice's groundbreaking work.
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Modern Lisbon Map: Mapa de Lisboa Moderna

Perogin, Elisa
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Paris Haussmann: A Model's Relevance

Jallon, Benoit
New edition of the highly praised and much sought-after analytical review of Baron Haussmann's redevelopment of Paris from today's perspective. Text in English and French.
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Lineage and Legacy: A Certain Modernism in Cadaques

Bates, Stephen
This book investigates a particular kind of architecture that thrived in the 1950s in Spain. A timeline contextualises the projects against the backdrop of historical events. Text in English and Spanish (Spanish in an inserted booklet).
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