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World Architecture

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Building Sharjah

Al Qassemi, Sultan Sooud
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London: Architectural Guide: Twentieth-Century Housing Projects

Ruimschotel, Tjerk
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The Ruins of Ani: A Journey to Armenia's Medieval Capital and its Legacy

Balakian, Krikor
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Brussels Art Nouveau: Architecture & Design

Forshaw, A
First comprehensive guide in English to Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels
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The Architecture of Yemen and Its Reconstruction

Damluji, Salma Samar
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Milan: Architectural Guide

Berizzi, Carlo
From the 1920s onwards, Milan has become a laboratory of architecture due to architects such as Giuseppe Terragni, Gio Ponti and Giuseppe Pagano. Magazines such as Domus and Casabella were founded in the 1920s which influenced international debate throughout the 20th century. A new trend arose following the reconstruction of the city due to damages
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City of Wooden Houses: Georgetown, Guyana

Merrell Publishing
Georgetown's architecture was molded by the French, Dutch, British and Spanish during the C18th/C19th and built in a classical style reinterpreted by local craftsmen largely in wood. The book gives a brief history of Georgetown, explaining the various house types with photographs of the buildings and their particular features
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Before, After Image Koshirakura Landscape 1996-2006

Egashira, Shin
Each summer for the past ten years the AA's Shin Egashira has organised a workshop in the remote village of Koshirakura, north of Tokyo. The students attending leave behind a structure designed to improve in some way the lives of the inhabitants. This book documents these workshops through texts, diaries and images.
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Berlin: Architectural Guide

Schendel, Dominik
In no other place have changing ideologies and urban designs inscribed themselves on the city structure in such a way as in Berlin. This rich collection representing the most diverse urban areas and architectural styles will enable the reader to make a journey through history, from medieval Alt-Berlin to the present day. Four walks lead to the prom
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Moon: Architectural Guide

Meuser, Paul
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